Friday, March 18, 2011

Islands of Adventure - Port of Entry [Part 01/04]

Port of Entry is the park's main entrance and is home to many shops and services, including Guest Relations.

 The park's iconic centerpiece, Pharos Lighthouse, is also located within Port of Entry.

Each night, this real, functioning lighthouse sends out a bright beam to lead visitors to and from the park's gates.

Like many theme parks using the "hub and spokes" format popularized by Disneyland, this entry Island contains no rides, and is primarily noted for its restaurants and shops. Its main features are the Confisco Grille restaurant (one of two full-service restaurants in the Park) and the Islands of Adventure Trading Company, the park's primary gift shop.

DeFoto's Expedition Photgraphy: Whether you’re an expert shutterbug or you forget to take the lens cap off, this is a must-stop for all your film and camera needs. The shop is the park’s photo pick-up location, and also sells picture frames and movie posters. 

DeFoto’s also offers sunscreen and suntan lotion, just in case you forgot to bring some along. This is where you can view and purchase any photos of you and your family taken by those strolling photographers in the park.

An attraction information board is located near the shore of the lagoon.

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